Tribute to Guo Chuan

Guo Chuan, Lost at Sea on 2016 october 24th

There are three sorts of people : those who are alive, those who are dead, and those who are at sea (Anacharsis 6th century BC)


He was used to be called « The first » but after Mike McMullen (1976), Mike Flanagan (1976), Alain Colas (1978), Loïc Caradec (1986), Jean Castenet (1986), Daniel Gilard (1987), Olivier Moussy (1988), Gerry Roufs (1997), Éric Tabarly (1998), Paul Vatine (1999) and Andrew Simpson (2013) Guo Chuang join the long list of lost at the sea sailors.

In the open sea there is no nationality, there is only sailors. Sea lovers are today in mourning.

Because France Chine International endeavours to promote every project in order to build partnerships that improve sport, culture, tourism, education and economic developments between France, Brittany and China, we paid particular attention to Guo Chuan ‘s sporting prowess.

We are convinced that as Éric Tarbaly in the 60s in France, the « Champion for Peace sailor » is the first of a new generation of Chinese sailors.

Only the sea could have been a huge enough mausoleum to host his remains. The 30-metre (97ft) red trimaran will continue to sail in our minds.

We express our deepest condolences not only to his family and friends but also to his racing team.

« Bon vent » Guo Chuan!

Guo Chuan racing Qingdao et son équipe artic ocean world record challenge race 2015 ©lingling

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